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Váš ideální partner pro dodávky materiálů a kompletních strojních zařízení v oblasti energetiky a petrochemie včetně konstrukčního zpracování, dílenské předmontáže, specifikace a dodávky rychle

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You are here: DELTA ETS ENERGO

Welcome to the DELTA ETS – ENERGO Website

DELTA ETS – ENERGO – Our primary criterion is fast and high-quality supply delivery.
We specialize mainly on supplying shop-preassembled machinery for the energy and petrochemical industries, both with pressure and non-pressure parameters, such as sub-components of boiler rooms, engine rooms and petrochemical apparatuses, including piping, storage, structures, electrical installations and measurement and control. Our deliveries can be made either according to documentation provided by the customer, or according to our own design, including thermal and strength calculations and balances, always in compliance with the customer’s requirements and applicable standards and regulations. In the case that the investor requires a comprehensive realization of the work, we also secure installation and the start-up of the machinery into operation, and possibly warranty and post warranty service. 
Another specialization of the company is providing service in case of the occurrence of machinery emergency conditions in energy and petrochemical operations, consisting in the immediate availability of skilled technical and assembly staff, including the delivery of any replacements for the damaged parts of the machinery.
DELTA ETS Energo realizes supplies of metallurgical materials, focusing on high-grade steel for energy and petrochemistry, such as seamless and welded pipes and fittings (arches, bends, reducers, flanges, etc.) in carbon, alloy and stainless steel grades according to EN, ASTM standards, or other national standards.
DELTA ETS Energo also offers products of open die forgings and castings for the energy and chemical industries. Our advantage is the ability to offer and deliver high-grade materials according to the standards of European, American as well as other national technical delivery standards, including special and non-standard requirements. As an extension to these supplies, we offer and deliver machining of such forged or cast parts.
We place emphasis primarily on high quality, speed and a professional approach to meeting the requirements of the customer.


Main Activities of DELTA ETS – ENERGO

Manufacture and Repair of Machinery, Breakdown Emergency Service - We specialize in the supply of shop preassembled parts for the energy and petrochemical industries, and promptly solve any emergency or failure with a rapid delivery of spare parts, including installation.
Metallurgical Materials – W specialize in in the supply of seamless and welded pipes, including piping accessories, with a focus on high-grade steel for the energy and petrochemical industries.
Smith Forgings - We supply all types of forgings from 40 to 50,000 kg, for all materials according to ČSN, EN, DIN, ASTM/ASME, and GOST standards, including all testing requirements and types of certificate documentation.
Castings – We also provide castings, including the production of models based on the majority of requirements for castings.
Machining – We offer both roughing and finishing machining – thanks to a wide spectrum of contracted external suppliers, we are able to offer almost any type, shape and size of workpiece, including measurement and issuance of measurement protocols. 
Special Materials – We will be glad to offer and supply to you parts made of special non-magnetic steel, special austenitic surfacing and spraying for increased corrosion resistance, atypical jets and ejectors and others. 
Certification – Our Company works only with certified suppliers with an established ISO 9001 quality system.